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The Legal Practice Course (LPC) is the stage of vocational training for those intending to qualify as solicitors. It is usually taken after completing a qualifying Law degree or the Common Professional Examination (CPE). The Solicitors Regulation Authority’s website has highly comprehensive information regarding LPCs and all the providers, which can be found at:

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Commerical Awareness

Understanding Commercial Awareness Herbert Smith have an excellent article on their website which explains exactly what commercial awareness is, how to demonstrate it, and how to improve it. They also give examples of how commercial awareness is tested throughout their application process, although the examples they give are probably true to most law firms. Herbert

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Career Timeline

The Kent Careers Service offer a detailed timeline, which gives direction to First, Second and Third year students. A basic timeline for the whole of a law degree is available on the Law Careers website. For more useful planning advice, have a look on Application Timeline The links below provide a useful summary of

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Vacation Placement Vacation Placements are offered by all the larger City firms. These consist of normally two to four weeks of working and tutoring within the firm. The majority of placements are paid, and you can earn anything from £250 – £400 per week. This gives you a chance to experience different practice areas as

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