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Assesment Centers & Interviews

Interviews and assessment centres can be stressful, but thanks to Jayne Instone, the employability and careers development officer, there are many resources online that can assist you in your interviews and assessments. Although there are many sites online that provide Law students with a lot of helpful tips, you must always ensure that the advice from a site is up to date, as assessments and interviews are always changing and adapting. 

 There are different types of interviews when applying for a Training Contract or Vacation Scheme. Firstly you have a strength-based interview which is about understanding what energises and motivates you, as well as assessing what you do well. However, questions are harder to prepare for in advance, this enables the interviewers to get a much more accurate assessment of you on the day. 

In addition to strength based interviews, there are also telephone and video-based interviews. Recorded interviews are very common. These involve answering pre-recorded questions in a given time frame, for example; one minute per answer and there maybe 4 or 5 questions. These interviews may include questions about why you want to work for this firm, why you want to be this type of solicitor, commercial awareness and competency questions. 

There are also face to face interviews, however, due to current circumstances more and more firms are moving towards online interviews. The best way to prepare for these interviews is to practice, thus attending a mock interview. KSLS and Jayne Instone work together to provide mock interviews in March every year.  Students are also able to ask either Jayne or the careers advisers, in the central Careers & Employability Service, for a mock interview at any time of year. 

 In addition, firms are often invited by the KSLS to talk about their application processes which include both assessment centres and interviews. Last year, KSLS invited many firms to discuss their application process for vacation schemes and training contracts, we did this right before the Law Fair to aid students in preparing questions for networking. There was high attendance at the event as many students had questions about the application process and the steps that are taken after that, such as what does your interview process look like, how many interviews take place, etc? 

 Assessment days can be nerve-wracking but the key to performing well is to be prepared. In order to be prepared, you should read the invitation you’ve been sent, as it is likely that there will be details of what to expect.  You can also use the legal carers websites and forums to find out about other applicants’ experiences on the day. 

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