Yvonne Hamboulla

Law Fair Organiser

My name is Yvonne Hamboulla and I am in the 4th year of my degree titled International Legal Studies with a Year Abroad LLB. During my year abroad in 2019-2020, I had the pleasure to study in both Hong Kong University and Charles University in Prague. My experiences and excitement for meeting new people from different cultures are what motivated me to become a member of the KSLS Committee. As a Law Fair Organiser, my role is to lead the Law Fair team to organise KLS’s annual Law Fair to give the invaluable opportunity to fellow students interested in law to meet and learn more about different types of law firms and educational providers. As an aspiring solicitor myself, I understand the difficulty and importance of deciding from an early stage the type of law firm that would best suit each student and I thus aim to aid in this process by organising a successful Law Fair.