Yoginni Gopal

Vice President

Hi, I’m Yoginni Gopal. I am a third year Politics and International Relations Student. I will be the Vice President for the academic year 2020/21. Last year, I held the position of Law Fair organiser and non-law officer. This aided me in developing my networking skills, as well as helping me widen my expertise on different types of legal sectors. On the completion of my degree, I hope to go on to complete the PGDL, as I want to pursue a career in the commercial sector as a solicitor. Having been very active in the KSLS from my first year, it shows that I am very passionate about law. I previously organised the Kent Student Law Society’s 2019 Law Fair which proved to be very successful, gaining the attention of the head of the law school at the University of Kent. This gave me the opportunity to network with a variety of firms.  As a non-law Vice President, I hope to help widen the opportunities the society offers for non-law students.